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Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Values


The mission of the Health District of Northern Larimer County is to enhance the health of our community.


District residents will live long and well.
Our community will excel in health assessment, access, promotion and policy development.

  • Our practice of assessment will enable individuals and organizations to make informed decisions regarding health practices.
  • All Health District residents will have timely access to basic health services.
  • Our community will embrace the promotion of responsible, healthy lifestyles, detection of treatable disease, and the prevention of injury, disability and early death.
  • Citizens and leaders will be engaged in the creation and implementation of ongoing systems and health policy development at local, state and national levels.
  • Like-minded communities across the country will emulate our successes.


The Health District will take a leadership role to:

  • Provide exceptional health services that address unmet needs and opportunities in our community,
  • Systematically assess the health of our community, noting areas of highest priority for improvement,
  • Facilitate community-wide planning and implementation of comprehensive programs,
  • Educate the community and individuals about health issues,
  • Use Health District funds and resources to leverage other funds and resources for prioritized projects, and avoid unnecessary duplication of services,
  • Promote health policy and system improvements at the local, state and national level,
  • Continuously evaluate its programs and services for quality, value, and impact on the health of the community,
  • Share our approaches, strategies, and results, and
  • Oversee and maintain the agreements between Poudre Valley Health System, University of Colorado Health and the Health District on behalf of the community.


  • Dignity and respect for all people
  • Emphasis on innovation, prevention and education
  • Shared responsibility and focused collaborative action to improve health
  • Information-driven and evidence-based decision making
  • Fiscal responsibility/stewardship
  • An informed community makes better decisions concerning health