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Key Health District service changes in 2023

The Health District strives to meet evolving local health-care needs, seeking the most efficient and impactful way to use its limited resources to enhance the health of the community.

Because our community health needs continually change, Health District services must also change to meet our community’s most pressing needs. As a result, new programs may be developed, while existing services transition to other community partners or sunset. In 2023, two Health District programs will experience significant changes.

Larimer County Extension takes over Larimer Advance Care Planning services

On April 1, Larimer County Extension assumed operation of the Larimer Advance Care Planning program. Larimer County Extension is a partnership between Larimer County and Colorado State University that serves as an information resource for the community.

Started in 2016 with grant assistance from more than a half-dozen local organizations, Larimer Advance Care Planning set out to make advance care planning—wishes about your medical care if you can’t speak for yourself—a natural and expected part of the continuum of health care in Larimer County. At the time, only 30 percent of Larimer County residents had completed their advance care directives, and only a third of those had shared their decisions with their health-care provider.

Over the years, this program educated more than 18,000 people on the importance of making and documenting decisions about end-of-life care, sparking conversations with loved ones around coffee tables rather than around a hospital bed. The program did more than just drive the conversation, though. More than 5,300 people completed their advance care directives, and more than 1,300 health-care providers received specialized training on the subject.

The Health District is indebted to Program Manager Mindy Rickard for her guidance and passion, and to all of the staff, partners, and funders who were critical in this program’s success. We are excited to see Larimer County Extension carry on this work in the community.

For more information on Larimer Advance Care Planning, call 970-498-6000 or visit

Changes ahead for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Diabetes Screening

The Health District’s heart health screening service will also see big changes later this year. For more than two decades, Health District registered nurses provided over 30,000 free or low-cost cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes screenings at convenient sites around the community, explaining results to individuals, and offering referrals to other local resources.

The community screenings as they have been provided will transition and change focus after June 30—see the schedule on page 8. More information will be available in the next few months, but if you have questions, please call and speak to a Health District nurse at 970-224-5209.

The Health District is so grateful to the many clients who have cared enough about their heart health to seek out this service and “know their numbers.” We encourage people to talk to their health-care provider about cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, and how often they should be tested. People can also get their cholesterol tested at any UCHealth lab for a small fee without a doctor’s referral. A list of those lab services, and the associated fees, can be found by searching “List of Direct Laboratory Services UCHealth” online.

The Health District extends its gratitude to the nursing and support staff behind this service, as well as to our community partners who hosted monthly screening clinics.